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 May 02, 2016 Illogical theatricals by the Shiite coalition to cover their dark ruling of Iraq Hammurabi the grand

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Dr.Hannani Maya
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المشرف العام

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مُساهمةموضوع: May 02, 2016 Illogical theatricals by the Shiite coalition to cover their dark ruling of Iraq Hammurabi the grand    الثلاثاء 03 مايو 2016, 14:43

May 02, 2016
اقتباس :
Illogical theatricals by the Shiite coalition to cover their dark ruling of Iraq
 Hammurabi the grand son
اقتباس :
With all due respect to all the Iraqi Shiite brothers who were the first victims of who ruled by their name and from whom they suffered deprivation and disappointment, this article is not about you.
The disintegration of the Islamic parties is wide spread and has equally affected every orphaned citizen and the widowed country as well. The main reason for the successful destruction of the country is the funneling of all resources to the religious establishment and the corrupt politicians who seek blessings and justification from the bearded clerics. What has struck me lately, listening to announcements from politicians who claimed to try to put an end to the episodes of destruction, is the absence of the word “Iraq” in their speeches. This omission from their speeches scares me, for it clearly reflects the success of the religious establishment in wiping out any sense of belonging of the people to this slain country by the Islamic sword.
During these corrupt times, the religious establishment has mocked the people by stripping them of all their rights, including the right to mourn. The ruling group responsible for mocking the people has been granted divine permission and power to establish the rule of God on Earth. Because this group’s reign is divine, the people must show their joy when deprived, humiliated, and ill-treated, for that is a blessing from almighty God! Unfortunately for the Iraqi people, the heavenly choice of who would carry out His wills, whose power has no power above, was none other than the religious, the humble, and poor servant, Noori Jawad Kamil Almaliky. He and his noble companions were divinely chosen to plunder and suck the life out of the country. They received their terms of reference from the great and wise religious headquarters, which in turn had received them from the University of Mental Lunacy at Qumm, the Blessed. The terms of reference are based on the saying “ the Lord had favoured me from all previous profits to justify the plunder!” So, all you fools that are ungrateful for His blessings, why blame the ruling Islamists for plundering the food from the hungry?
So, every now and then, we hear the blessed coalition coming up with some theatrical production to pacify any possible pulse of life amongst the people. Since a year or so ago, the coalition came out with “Reforms,” and this decree served as a clear play on the people. At first, the people enjoyed “Reforms,” but over time as the play became dull and boring, the coalition came up with their next scheme, “Corruption Eradication.” The director of this important play was chosen as one of the high-ranking leaders of the party of terrorism and Islamic thievery. Through various tricks and technocratic means, this leader and his followers plundered whatever was legal of thievery to a successful degree, which gained them His satisfactions and blessings. Once their divine work was done, these technocrats would report to His Highness, assuring Him that they had created an earthly hell for His creatures that desired to one day reach the eternal dwellings. Their mission saw the country and its people be destroyed, as those who insisted on living were left to the militias and finished with a silencer or a blessed explosion. The unfortunate ones that objected to the coalition’s rule were provided with a good behavior certificate before taking a one-way trip to see the angel of death. As a result of this massacre, the country was eventually left with no one but the illiterate, the beggars, and those displaced of their homes. To complete the divine mission, the leaders then sought to replace those who performed the jihad acts by allowing them to rest after their blessed plunders. The task was to be handed to other brothers and loyal believers under the banner of technocrats who were chosen by the parties of Islamic darkness and by the blessing of the clerics.
If there is one particular characteristic that sets the Islamic Shiite politicians apart from others, it is that everything they say is convincing and fair, yet their actions are so terrible that even the devil shies away from them. It is the illogical plays that are currently taking place in the country that have entertained the public and mentally pacified them with lies and religious hallucinations. These plays have caused the public to lose their sense of direction. As a result of this loss of direction, misguided voices have begun to call for early elections. Early elections, although some may believe are a solution to the problem, will instead be a guarantee of governing renewal to those who have been in power for the last 13 years. It would be catastrophic for the same leaders to remain in power for the following reasons:

  • Continuing the teaching of heresy and lying, and forcing the people to continue surrendering to the teaching of death

  • Conversion of the Islamic parties to empires of money, military, and media

  • Minimal chance of winning the election for the powers of change, liberalism, and secularism.
    The only solutions for this circumstance, which are only wishful thinking, are as follows:

  • Isolate all those responsible for the destruction of the country

  • Demand accountability in courts of law for their actions

  • Stop the clerics’ intervention in political matters and require the separation of the mosques from the state

  • Initiate civil education and revitalize patriotism of the country even if that takes a generation or two

The Islamic Daawa party and its leaders have controlled the entire political machinery and have been the only ruling power since 2005 to the present day. During their reign, destruction of all levels had taken place in the country. Mr. Noori Jawad Kamil Almaliky and his party are responsible for the destruction of Iraq.
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May 02, 2016 Illogical theatricals by the Shiite coalition to cover their dark ruling of Iraq Hammurabi the grand
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