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Alaa Ibrahim

الدولة : لبنان
الجنس : ذكر
عدد المساهمات : 2226
تاريخ التسجيل : 01/03/2010
الابراج : الجوزاء
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مُساهمةموضوع: MUSLIM GROOMING   السبت 16 يوليو 2011, 09:20

MUSLIM GROOMING:"Don't worry. In a generation or two, Islam will be the only religion in England. Your men are weak, and Islam is strong. Every Islamic male needs a few English females for slaves. It's Allah's will...Glory be to Allah"Britain First launches national campaign to 'PROTECT OUR GIRLS!'

_____The quote above by a Muslim extremist shows the utter contempt that those who preach hatred and fundamentalism have for us. The English females he refers to are our children, sisters, grandchildren, cousins and loved ones.

_____How dare they! It's time to take action by exposing the Islamic perverts who prey on our children it is time WE demanded JUSTICE!

_____In towns and cities all over Britain, there is a hidden problem of Muslim pedophile gangs targeting underage non-Muslim girls for sexual exploitation. This problem is called 'grooming'.
Even the Sikh, black and local English communities have all spoken out about this disgusting but largely ignored problem!

_____As of yet, the police and media have been extremely reluctant to take action for fear of being labeled 'racist' - the innocence of children is being sacrificed on the high alter of 'political correctness'.

_____The grooming of children for sexual exploitation is ALWAYS wrong no matter what community the abusers belong to.
Young English girls are described as 'Easy Meat' by these Islamic beasts...We need to speak out, NOW!

_____In grooming hotspots, such as Bradford, Luton, East London, Birmingham, and many more, groups of Muslim men lure young white English girls (some as young as 12!) with cash, alcohol, drugs, meals and mobile phone credit and coerce them into a nightmare world of sexual exploitation.

_____Consider the terrible, desperate words of a distraught mother of a fourteen-year-old drug-addicted daughter in the heavily Muslim town of Bradford...please read this carefully, it should be a wakeup call to us all:

"It starts with one of them leaning out of a car window and saying how pretty a girl is as she walks home from school. They pick ones they think look vulnerable - younger, plain looking, walking home alone. Then they offer her a cigarette. Then one of the 'lads' (they pretend to be seventeen but are often in their twenties) asks her to exchange mobile numbers and meet more often." </BLOCKQUOTE>

"Then it's a miniature bottle of vodka or a cheap bit of jewellery as a present. Then he tells her he loves her. If she consents to sex he uses her for himself for a couple of weeks, then one evening all his mates pile in unannounced and gang rape her. They know that many of the girls will be too ashamed to tell anyone, and they also threaten to cut them if they 'grass'." </BLOCKQUOTE>

"Girls who won't go with one of them take a bit more work. They are encouraged to try roll-ups or a joint. What they don't know is that, after they've had a few of them, they'll be given one with crack (cocaine) in it. Once they're addicted, they're given drugs in exchange for sex." </BLOCKQUOTE>

"Once the gang are tired of her, they put her on the game. They take all the money - all she wants by then is another shot of smack or crack. Imagine what it feels like to see your daughter in that state." </BLOCKQUOTE>

_____I am furious about this and I am sure you are too. We need to expose these Muslim predators'... Will you help me? If you don't, who will?

_____I am sure that, like me, you are disgusted by the media coverage of the problem of Muslim grooming over the last month in the Times, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

_____The headline in the Daily Mail read: "Sex gang groomed girls of 13: Asian men accused of luring teens and turning them into prostitutes."Of course, these girls were nearly all young, white and English.
Young English girl groomed, abused then murdered by Muslim grooming gang in Blackpool!

_____Most harrowing of all is the case of Charlene Downes: According to police sources, Charlene was groomed for sexual exploitation by a Muslim sex-gang, murdered, and her bodily remains were "minced into kebabs and sold at a kebab shop owned by one of the gang!"

_____Ask yourself RIGHT NOW: Is this the country that we have worked and fought for? Is this the country you want your children and grandchildren growing up in? Well, if you and I do nothing, this is exactly the world we will leave to our children! Click below to donate:

Grooming is happening right NOW in towns and cities across Britain. Girls are being exploited right NOW in your town, or a town near you. This problem could one day catch up with your children...no one is safe from this evil, and it will only get WORSE!

_____Imagine if your young daughter was being abused and groomed for sexual exploitation by a Muslim gang? How would YOU feel? Enough of whinging and moaning, the question is:

_____Britain First is outraged that the media and the politicians are desperately trying to hush this evil up because they don't want any negative coverage impacting on their beloved 'multicultural' society.

_____Our Girls are being left to the mercy of Asian pedophiles because it is an INCONVENIENCE to the PC brigade who refuse to accept grooming even exists! Well I want to rub their smug faces in the truth and pain of the situation until they really understand what our people have to put up with every day in some parts of OUR country. Click below to donate:

_____As of yet, no one has spoken out or even attempted to run a major campaign of exposure on this issue. Well, it is up to us now to launch a well-organized push to make people fully aware of this evil!

_____With your help, we can mount a truly formidable campaign to alert the public and shame the establishment lackeys. We can get thousands of our special "Muslim Grooming: Protect Our Girls!" leaflets produced (pictured right), and dispatch them to Britain First members, activists and supporters nationwide.

_____We will get this leaflet onto every major high street in Britain and to every single councilor, MP, MAP, MAP and assembly member in Britain, as well as to the home addresses of the editors of the major media outlets. We will also dispatch thousands of these free of charge to Britain First.

_____You see, I'm anticipating a heavy demand for these hard-hitting anti-grooming leaflets...I need your help to meet that demand. Since 'Britain First' is run exclusively on a voluntary basis, we depend on people like you to support our effective, anti-PC campaigns.

_____Could you possibly make a gift of £1,000 or more, since the need is so great and the stakes are so high? If that's not possible, could you send a gift of £500 or more? To meet the demand I'll need many gifts in the range of £100-£300. Could you send a gift in that range?

_____I'm depending on you to help me propel this campaign into OVERDRIVE before it's too late. I need a multitude of gifts in the range of £10, £20, £35, £50 and £75. If you supply the 'tools' we will do the job! Click below to donate:
The treatment of our young English girls at the hands of these Muslim pedophile sex gangs is HORRIFIC... No more "Mr Nice Guy" approach! We must take action!

We can strike a mortal blow against the most despicable evil that has ever reared its ugly head in Britain.

_____Imagine the reaction of our father and grandfathers who went to war to defend us and this country, if they knew that now, today, Muslim perverts could target their grand-daughters! They are looking down on us to sort this problem out...just as they did their duty, we must now do ours.

_____We cannot let our people down, you cannot leave this for someone else to do we, need your help and we need it NOW!!!

_____The Lib-Lab-Con politicians and their media liar friends hope that the scourge of Muslim grooming will go unnoticed...it is our job to ensure that it is EXPOSED and our English girls are protected. Will YOU join the fight!

Now is the time to join the fight! Click below to donate:

Yours sincerely,
Andy McBride
National Organiser

PS: Before setting this letter aside, ponder the recent quote below from a 'home grown' Islamist. This is how THEY view US....

"The flag of Islam will be over Downing Street, and Queen Elizabeth will wear the burqa," says Muslim preacher Abu Waleed.</BLOCKQUOTE>
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