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 العراق أكبر ساحة لتبييض الأموال الأيرانية وغسيلها في العراق عن طريق ضخ دينارعراقي مزور وسحب الدولار بعلم وتسهيل من الحكومة ال

استعرض الموضوع السابق استعرض الموضوع التالي اذهب الى الأسفل 
كاتب الموضوعرسالة
Dr.Hannani Maya
المشرف العام
المشرف العام

الدولة : العراق
الجنس : ذكر
عدد المساهمات : 39567
مزاجي : أحب المنتدى
تاريخ التسجيل : 21/09/2009
الابراج : الجوزاء
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مُساهمةموضوع: العراق أكبر ساحة لتبييض الأموال الأيرانية وغسيلها في العراق عن طريق ضخ دينارعراقي مزور وسحب الدولار بعلم وتسهيل من الحكومة ال   الإثنين 06 فبراير 2012, 10:12

العراق اكبر ساحه لتبييض الاموال الايرانيه وغسيلها عن طريق ضخ دينار عراقي مزور وسحب الدولار بعلم وتسهيل من الحكومه العراقيه

كارثه الكل يغمض العين عنها .... الدينار العراقي المزور يغزو الاسواق والدولار يسحب خارجا من السوق العراقيه الى ايران وسوريا

عمليه تبيض اموال ايرانيه تتم في العراق والدينار العراقي يتعرض الى هجوم سببه دخول عمليه مزوره بالدينار العراقي غزت السوق العراقيه مصدرها ايران وسوريا ..!!!

ايران تجمع الدولار من السوق العراقي وكذلك سوريا بسبب الحصار المفروض عليهما نتيجة العقوبات الدوليه على البلدين والعراق صار الدجاجه التي تبيض ذهبا لهما لانه تحول الى ساحه لتبيض الاموال القادمه من ضخ العمله العراقيه المزوره في السوق العراقيه .. النجف والبصره والكاظميه والاستثمارات والتسهيل الممنوح من قبل حكومه المالكي للايرانيين سهل على ايران عملية تبيض الاموال بكسر الدينار العراقي وسحب الدولار من السوق العراقيه

الايراني المستثمر يدفع بالتومان ويستلم ارباحه بالدولار .. مصارف اهليه تابعه لمسؤولين كبار في الحكومه العراقيه هي غطاء لتبيض تلك الاموال وهي من يسهل عمليه الاستثمار الايراني بالعراق !!!! انها كارثه فهل الولايات المتحده غافله عما يحدث في العراق

Iraqi Dinar Under Attack

اليكم الروابط وموضحه المحافظه التي ادخل اليها المزور

Reports of New Fake Dinars in Circulation

هنا في الناصريه والموصل

Posted on 29 June 2011. Tags: Corruption, counterfeiting, IQD, iraqi dinar

On Wednesday a number of currency dealers in southern Iraq’s Nassirya City reported the spread of a new counterfeit 10,000-dinar notes, according to Aswat al-Iraq.

“We have noticed the existence of a false 25,000-dinar currency in the market, being cautious against it, but a new false 10,000-dinar note, with a very close print to the original currency, had been spread last week,” a shop-keeper told the news agency, saying that “this is a very serious matter and the government must stop it in every possible means.”

A petrol filling station worker said that the “number of cars trying to fill petrol in his filling station was huge, and he and his colleagues can’t easily differentiate between real and false currencies.”

Iraq Business News has also received unconfirmed reports that a judge in the Mosul area has been arrested for possession of fake Iraqi dinars.

The reports come just days after Iraq’s Central Bank announced that it would redenominate its currency.


(Source: Aswat al-Iraq)


A committee to monitor the banking offices in order to prevent money laundering and counterfeiting of currency

وهنا في كربلاء

Karbala – morning

The head of the Economic Committee in the province of Karbala, the local government decided to set up a committee to monitor the banking offices of the governorate to prevent money laundering operations and marketing of counterfeit currency, noting that many of the complaints received about for cases of fraud against ordinary citizens.

Said Tariq Kikhany (Rn) that «the city of Karbala has a high prevalence of banking offices (conduct foreign currency and local) and randomly, especially after the fall of the former regime, and this led to the occurrence of cases of money laundering and marketing of counterfeit currency by those offices, which works mostly without to obtain licenses to practice professions and claim the lives of ordinary citizens».

He added that «the Economic Committee in the province of Karbala demanded official letters through a mechanism specific to the work of those offices, the goal is to get cases to reduce fraud and limit the spread of banking offices, which have become hotbeds for fraud».

The Kikhany that «many of the complaints received by the citizens according to the accession of scam and the loss of large sums of money of them».

He »we put the offices of economic crime to follow up the subject, was a requirement for a new mechanism for the work of banking offices is to obtain the license to practice the profession».

He pointed out that «those offices directly related to the Economic Commission on the provincial council or the relevant authorities such as banks government», pointing out that «Provincial Council will vote on a change in the mechanism of granting leave to those offices, and be punished violators engaged in the arrest of the profession without obtaining leave».

The province of Karbala (108 km) southwest of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, has witnessed many cases of money laundering and disposal of counterfeit currency, and in particular categories of the U.S. dollar and the currency of Iraq, claimed the lives of dozens of ordinary citizens, which is held by the sellers of sleep on sidewalks and practice their profession without access to a government holiday.



هنا في كربلاء ايضا

Aswat Al Iraq/ Karbala , Security

Counterfeit gang arrested in Karbala
8/13/2011 1:55 PM

KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: Security forces in southwestern Iraq’s city of Karbala have detained a gang circulating forged Iraqi currency on the local market, the city’s police media director reported on Saturday, adding that the police had seized hundreds of thousands in counterfeit dinars along with the gang.

“Our security forces have managed to arrest a gang of 3 individuals, who had been circulating forged Iraqi dinars on the local markets,” Major Alaa Abbas Ghanimi told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

“The information and complaints received from citizens two days ago confirmed the existence of a gang dealing with the sale and purchase of forged currency,” he said, adding that the gang was arrested in a Karbala shop on Saturday.

The city of Karbala, the center of the Province, is 108 km to the south of Baghdad.


كيفية تجنب الدينار العراقي المزوره!!!!!!

كيف نميز العمله النقديه فئة ال 25 الف دينار عراقي الزوره عن الاصليه

Iraq Dinar Scam - How to Avoid Counterfeit Dinar

http://www.dinarbanker.com 1-888-Dinars1
How do I protect myself from an Iraqi Dinar scam? How do I know my Iraqi Dinar currency is real and not counterfeit? What are the security features of the new Iraqi Dinar?

هذا وقد صرح البنك المركزي عن لسان مسؤؤل انه سيتم حذف ثلاثه اصفار من العمله العراقيه !!!!!

اليكم الرابط


Iraq Prepares to Redenominate its Currency

Posted on 27 June 2011. Tags: Central Bank, IQD, Redenomination, revaluation

According to a report from Al Sumaria News, Iraq’s Central Bank announced on Thursday that it is planning to delete the zeros from its currency, the Iraqi dinar.

This step is one of the bank’s strategic missions, the Central Bank said adding that the new currency will include the Kurdish language in addition to the Arabic language.

“The zeros that were added to the Iraqi currency previously constituted a large money supply up to 28.500 trillion Iraqi Dinar and 5 trillion banknotes”, the adviser of Iraqi Central Bank governor Mothahhar Mohammed Saleh [Mudher Mohammed Saleh] told the agency.

“The Central Bank has prepared all requirements needed to delete the zeros from the Iraqi Currency”, Saleh said.

“This step is one of the Iraqi central bank’s strategic missions. The monetary policy of the bank aims to structure and reduce the currency in a country moving towards an economic phase”, he added.

“The project of deleting zeroes is complete. It will be submitted to the central bank’s administration in the next session. Then, it will be passed to the ministerial council before presenting it to the Parliament for vote. The mechanisms of changing the currency will be gradual. It will be preceded by awareness campaigns for citizens”, the adviser of Iraqi Central Bank governor said.

“The new currency will be printed after deleting the zeros and will include the Kurdish language in addition to the Arabic language. It will also bear photos of Iraq’s civilization in addition to symbols of Iraqi intellectuals and figures”, Saleh noted.

Sanan Al Shebeibi [Sinan Al-Shabibi], Governor of Iraq’s Central Bank, affirmed during the meeting of independent commissions on June 19 with Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki that the bank is preparing all requirements needed to replace the Iraqi Currency.

Iraq’s Central Bank has four branches including Basra, Sulaimaniah, Erbil and Mosul. It was founded as an Iraqi independent bank by virtue of Iraq’s Central Bank Law issued on March 6, 2004.

The bank is responsible for the prices stability and the implementation of monetary policy including exchange rates, the management of foreign reserves, the issuance of currencies and the organization of the banking sector.

It’s six years since neighbouring Turkey redenominated its currency, making one ‘new Turkish lira’ equal one million ‘old Turkish lira’.

هذه بعض مما كتب حول تصريحات الحكومه بصدد انخفاض قيمة الدينار العراقي امام الدولار الامريكي وباقي العملات


Iraqi Dinar Increases in Value

Posted on 24 January 2012.

Central Bank of Iraq announced that it revaluated the Iraqi Dinar by 3.4% relative to the US Dollar, according to a report from Al Sumaria.

“During the daily auction of foreign currencies’ exchange, the Central Bank raised the value of Iraqi dinar against the dollar by 3.4%, or four Dinars,” the deputy governor of the bank told the news agency.

“The nominal rate of the Dinar doesn’t coincide with its purchasing power or with its real exchange rate against the Dollar,” he reportedly added. “The current account of Iraq payments has a surplus of 5 to 8% of GDP.”

(Source: Al Sumaria)

Central Bank Defends Weak Iraqi Dinar

Posted on 03 January 2012.

Iraq’s Central Bank says it will not allow the Iraqi dinar to depreciate and has been selling hundreds of millions of dollars to keep the currency stable, according to a report from Azzaman.

The dinar weakened in December, prompting the bank to sell dollars in a bid to withdraw cash from Iraqi markets.

The bank did not say what caused the dinar to plummet to “lows it had not seen for years”, but officials privately say the plunge might have been due to political uncertainty in the region.

Mudher Saleh, Central Bank’s deputy governor, said there were no sound economic reasons for the currency’s weakening, but speculated that it might be the economic difficulties Iraq’s neighbours are facing, particularly Syria and Iran.

The bank coffers are said to be brimming with hard cash from oil sales.

Saleh said the bank would not let the dinar fall and in one day in December last year it sold $200 million on the open market to squeeze liquidity.

“We withdrew in one single day about one quarter of a trillion dinars, thereby brining stability to the currency,” Saleh said.

He said Iraqi traders and industrialists have turned into middlemen for these countries, which has led to a substantial growth in demand for hard currency.

(Source: Azzaman)

Fake Dinar Gang Busted

Posted on 19 December 2011.

Security forces in Sulaimaniyah City have detained two people on charges of forging Iraqi money, reports AKnews.

The two men were arrested by the security forces with fake money and arms in their possession, after another man who had been detained the previous day on similar charges admitted the charges and identified the other two.

The homes of the two men were searched and 1.95 million fake Iraqi Dinar were found, in addition to a color photocopy machine.

According to the statement, the security forces discovered other fake documents including identification documents, driving licenses.

The arms seized in one of the houses included an RPG rocket launcher, five RPG rockets, and an AK-47.

(Source: AKnews)

سؤال لماذا تتكتم الحكومه التي تسمي نفسها عراقيه على هذا الموضوع ولماذا التكتم من قبل الاعلام على هذا الموضوع الخطير الذي هو كارثه على الاقتصاد العراقي

Iraq Dinar Scam - How to Avoid Counterfeit Dinar

Von DinarBanker| 1 Video

الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة اذهب الى الأسفل
حبيب حنا حبيب
مشرف مميز
مشرف مميز

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مُساهمةموضوع: رد: العراق أكبر ساحة لتبييض الأموال الأيرانية وغسيلها في العراق عن طريق ضخ دينارعراقي مزور وسحب الدولار بعلم وتسهيل من الحكومة ال   الإثنين 06 فبراير 2012, 20:39

نقول لنوري المالكي : كيف تصلح هذا الوضع الخطير ؟؟؟

إذا اصبحت كل الأموال العراقيـة ( الورقيّـة ) عملة مزوّرة !!!

ولكــن هذا ليس مهم لديكــم ! لأنّكُـــم تتعاملون بالدّولار !

وإيـران ليس بمقدورها ان تزوّرهُ !

شكراً استاذنا العزيز ابو فرات على هاي الأخبار

تحياتنـــــا .
الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة اذهب الى الأسفل
العراق أكبر ساحة لتبييض الأموال الأيرانية وغسيلها في العراق عن طريق ضخ دينارعراقي مزور وسحب الدولار بعلم وتسهيل من الحكومة ال
استعرض الموضوع السابق استعرض الموضوع التالي الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة 
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