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 For Fr Lombardi, Cardinals want to enter the Conclave after thinking matters through

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Dr.Hannani Maya
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مُساهمةموضوع: رد: For Fr Lombardi, Cardinals want to enter the Conclave after thinking matters through   الجمعة 08 مارس 2013, 02:17

For Fr Lombardi, Cardinals want to
enter the Conclave after thinking matters through

In this morning's general congregation, cardinals examined
the Holy See's economic situation. They also looked at the New Evangelisation,
relations between the Roman curia and local Churches, the Church's involvement
in the world, the profile and expectations associated with the new pope,
ecumenical dialogue, charity and the Church's commitment towards the poor. Some
114 cardinal electors were present at the meeting with the last one expected
this afternoon. Cardinals are free to talk on any topic deemed useful to their
reflection and decision, including Vatileaks. Rumours that Saint Peter's
Basilica was being readied for a Missa pro eligendo Pontifice on Sunday are
unfounded, spokesman said.

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Vatican City (AsiaNews): The date
for the start of the conclave has not yet been decided. The cardinals are aware
that "electing a pope needs clear rules, that after they are secluded, they must
follow a rigid timetable to vote four times a day, which means they have little
time to talk between ballots. Hence they must come to the vote with an already
informed opinion," said Fr Federico Lombardi, Vatican Press Office

"Preparation is crucial," Fr Lombardi explained.
"Things must be assessed in a contextx that is quite new for the Church. A papal
renunciation is unusual. The problems of the world are complex. The dean of
cardinals is not a chief; he is 'primus inter pares'. And I think it is correct
for the dean to move cautiously, paying close attention without giving the
impression of trying to impose a timetable."
"I think it is quite normal and sensible not to
decide right away. When a date is picked, the time available for preparing is
set. For this reason, it is good to choose a date when we are three or four days
before the period of thinking, reflecting and analysis is concluded."

With regards to the conclave's date, Fr Lombardi
dismissed reports that appeared yesterday that some of the Masters of Ceremony
had reserved Saint Peter's Basilica for this coming Monday to celebrate a 'pro
eligendo Summo Pontefice' Mass, thus suggesting that the Conclave would start on
"Reserving Saint Peter's Basilica is not the task
of the Master of Ceremonies but of the College of Cardinals," he said. "That
piece of news, therefore, is completely false. Any priest can celebrate a 'pro
eligendo Summo Pontefice' Mass asking God to enlighten the pontifical College in
these days".
Speaking about reports quoting unnamed sources,
including high prelates, the Vatican Press Office director said, "If someone has
something to say, it would be better if he said it giving his full name, and
took responsibility [for what he said]. Otherwise, it would be preferable for
them to keep silent. At least, that is how I would do it. Still, everybody has
their own way of reading and evaluating things. A similar interview appeared
months ago. On that occasion, but in a different context, I simply said that it
was false information. That was clear enough."
This morning's general congregation, the fifth so
far, saw the participation of 152 cardinals, including 114 cardinal electors.
Only Card Pham Minh Man of Hồ Chí Minh City was absent; he is due to arrive in
time for this afternoon's session. Thus, all 115 cardinals with the right to
vote for the Pope will be present.
There were 16 interventions this morning, the
first three by cardinals in charge of economic affairs in the Holy See: Card
Versaldi for the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs; Card Calcagno in charge of
the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APAS); and Card l
Bertello from the Governatorate of Vatican City State.
UNDER Paragraph 171 of the Apostolic Constitution
on the Roman Curia Pastor Bonus, the College of Cardinals must receive a report
on the patrimonial and economic status of the Holy See during the Vacant See.
The three cardinals gave a brief report and made themselves available for any
further inquiries by their fellow cardinals.
The other interventions were wide ranging, on the
basis of individual requests and not on any one subject matter. They touched
topics like the Church's commitment to evangelisation, relations with local
Churches, the Church's involvement in the world, and the qualities and traits
required for the next Pope. Further discussion concerned ecumenical dialogue,
charity and the Church's commitment to the poor.
"In response to a question, Fr Lombardi said that
the cardinals are free to talk about anything they want or anything they think
is important to reach their decision. They can ask for any information they feel
is pertinent. It would be reasonable to assume that some wanted to know about
A 30-minute break was held in the morning, Fr
Lombardi said, to allow the cardinals to talk together, exchange ideas, agree to
meet each other and organise additional research.
This morning, the particular congregation was
changed by lot after three days in accordance with Universi Dominici gregis. The
prelates picked were Cardinal Rai for the order of bishops, Cardinal Monsengwo
for the order of priests and Cardinal De Paolis for the order of deacons.
This morning, the dean of cardinals read a
telegram sent on behalf of the College of Cardinals to Vice President Maduro,
interim leader of Venezuela, on the occasion of the death of President Hugo
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For Fr Lombardi, Cardinals want to enter the Conclave after thinking matters through
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