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 Iron Lady ' absence but remains in the history of the greatsThe twentieth century

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Dr.Hannani Maya
المشرف العام
المشرف العام

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مُساهمةموضوع: Iron Lady ' absence but remains in the history of the greatsThe twentieth century   الثلاثاء 09 أبريل 2013, 03:34

Iron Lady ' absence but remains in the history of the greatsThe twentieth century


AP: will keep the title of ' the iron lady ' launched by the Soviets during the war

[/center]Immortal in history after the death of the former Conservative British Prime Minister Margaret
The 87-year-old, a title it has long cherished.
Thatcher is known as
Strong province
And liberal beyond borders and against fierce Socialist-communism and of
Top skeptic
The European project and in opposition to the feminist movement and very interesting debate, but remain particularly
Greats of the twentieth century did not accept to half measures.

Thatcher was the heroine of ' revolution '
Changed the face of Britain, but also deeply divided between 1979 and 1990, says
' I am with
Compatibility, especially with my '.
She was the first woman Prime Minister for
Standard in
The last century so ruled ' Maggie ' for three States through which its popularity oscillated
Among the top
And trashed.
The former Prime Minister said in her memoir in praise
' I think for itself
History will record in (althachrih).
And privatization sectors
Full of economy
And the dismantlement of the least profitable ones (heavy industry and mines)
Removed the regulatory framework
Financial services with great satisfaction in the business community.
Launch of growth has engaged
State care and the public deficit.
But opponents argue that
Policies pursued by the
For her that was the ' sick man of Europe ' in the late
The 1970s were
Secondary destructive consequences, such as deepening inequality
And high unemployment that exceeded
Three millions people and frequent disorders
In Brixton and Liverpool, in addition to negligence
Public services.
Thatcher was born in 13
October 1925 in Grantham in depth
England, but it was the grocer's father
The Evangelical Methodist Church Missionary. But she soon
The joined values
Victoria (province) at work and individual success before you start
Study of chemistry at the
Oxford then.
And of her marriage to a businessman Denis Thatcher
Companion life
She gave birth to twins: mark the controversial businessman, named in an attempt
In Equatorial Guinea, and Carol that have chosen the profession of journalism, which was not a

Welcome to her mother.
Thatcher was elected Deputy while in thirty-fourth

She then took over the Presidency of the conservative party in 1975 and headed by the Government after four years of

During this process, overcame obstacle, Thatcher being a woman
Descendent from the Center
Humble's macho aristokrati considerably.
It has succeeded
Thatcher in imposing its approach
And speaking in a soft voice as a parameter and look sharp and focused her eyes
Blue in the eyes of her dialogist.

And her ' that lady knows how to manage a house you'll learn how to manage
The country '.
And Ms.
Is not of a nature back to back ' is the motto of a frequency
An end to the strike of the miners
Year and continued a hunger strike in which 10 inmates died of
The Irish Republican Army,
Including Bobby Sands, who was a Deputy in the House of Commons
The British and became a symbol.
Repeated tirelessly for opponents of Ministers or
' Brussels bureaucrats ' ' there is no alternative '.

As for the unions was described as ' enemies ' who have
Silence them. And of the
' Enemies ' Leopold ghaltieri Argentine President who drove
By the force of the Islands
Falkland (maloine) under British sovereignty in the Atlantic Ocean
Claimed by
As soon as her friends were US President Ronald
Reagan, who brought with him
The ' special relationship ' across the Atlantic to the highest summits. He was ' the man
Second life ' after
Denis Thatcher to say her clerks.
In recognition of the
Soviet President Mikhail
Gorbachev ' man ' can be dealt with under counter
Who ended the cold war.

But Nelson Mandela described as ' terrorist ' as dictator
Chilean Augusto
Pinochet cast approval in its consideration of that embrace economic doctrines
And I spent in
But I found the most difficult relations with Europe, ' carry all
Problems '.
Hearty material formed of cartoonists with her hair style bag
Her hand that was not
The result of the claim during the months of reduced British contribution
European budget
' I want a refund. I wrote furiously on the margins of the report to the Minister
Fishing in Government
Stripped of his recent confidential ' is '' no ' and ' not ' ' it
Our '.
And he said President
French Francois Mitterrand who was swinging
Between their admiration and anger them
At other times they have eyes of Caligula
(Roman Emperor known as the truth) and mouth
Marilyn Monroe '. The Chancellor said
Helmut Kohl, former German ' was always
Causing me headaches '.
On 22
November 1990, faced with a coup by
Ministers who were otherwise
On the individual tax as unfair. And when
I left the political scene were used
Thatcher is the plural of watery eye says ' we are happy to leave
In the United Kingdom
Much better than '.
The following year did not provide
An opportunity to hurl
Criticisms behind John major ' hazy ' diffidence that man failed to
Before Tony Blair in 1997.
And with a view of the new century was
Dementia. Launched in 2007 the statue in Parliament with the words ' you are the best

But steel bronze. It does not rust.
In fact, all of the
Behind her
Including the current conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, compared to
Thatcher's policy.
Twenty years later, on her retirement still ' iron lady ' evokes emotions.
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Iron Lady ' absence but remains in the history of the greatsThe twentieth century
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