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 In the first dialog of the Mujahid leader Izzat Ibrahim of newspaper (the Republic) since Baghdad's invasion cairene

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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Dr.Hannani Maya
المشرف العام
المشرف العام

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مُساهمةموضوع: In the first dialog of the Mujahid leader Izzat Ibrahim of newspaper (the Republic) since Baghdad's invasion cairene   الإثنين 17 يونيو 2013, 23:32

In the name of God the merciful

In the first dialog of the Mujahid leader Izzat Ibrahim of newspaper (the Republic) since Baghdad's invasion cairene

· We refused to negotiate with the occupation. In order to achieve independence

· Popular uprisings did not achieve its objectives in Arabic because of foreign intervention

The Basra network

Dialogue: Ahmad Sarraf

Palaces and pleasures, to mountains and valleys and harsh life for advocating the cause of Iraq boils down to the life of the man who u.s. intelligence has allocated $ 10 million for information. That Izzat Ibrahim Al-Duri, who served as Deputy Chairman of the Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council during Saddam Hussein's rule and the Deputy General of the armed forces after the invasion of Kuwait and was Minister of agriculture and the Interior was inherent to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein until it was.

After the u.s. invasion of Iraq Izzat Douri disappeared and made us $ 10 million to make any information leading to his arrest or kill him and put his image on the card in a deck of cards of most wanted was the sixth u.s. troops required ratios is overseeing many of the suicide attacks also attributed his set of remarks which call for different sectors of the Iraqi people to resist the Americans as he assumed the post of Secretary-General of the Arab Socialist Baath party-Iraq after Saddam Hussein in late 2009 He formed the Jihad and liberation and salvation of the National Alliance of Supreme command for Jihad and Liberation, Jihad and national salvation.

Featured audio recording attributed to him on July 31, 2010 on the occasion of the khutbah July 1968 revolution through which the Arab Baath Socialist Party to power in Iraq, Izzat Ibrahim, one of the most important participants in the revolution as a Visual record of the broadcast 2012 anniversary of Baath Arab Socialist Party and talking about Iran and its interventions in Iraq and argues that war against Iran became the Baath and its influence in Iraq also confirmed that the Baath party with the Syrian revolution appeared in Visual record Last on 5 January 2013 Arabic television announced that the Baath Party supported the Iraqi protests 2013 in Anbar and other Sunni cities.

Praise be to Allaah and blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammad and his family and of the Governors.

الأخ العزيز/ممثل جريدة الجمهورية الغراء.. تحياتي لك ولإدارة جريدة الجمهورية ورئيس تحريرها وكل العاملين فيها ويطيب لي من خلالكم أن احيي شعب العروبة والإسلام في مصر الكنانة قلب الأمة النابض، مصر الجهاد والكفاح، مصر عبد الناصر ومن سبقه من قادتها الأفذاذ إلى يوم الثورة المباركة وقادتها وفرسانها ولا زلت اذكر كيف انتفض شعب العراق وهب من شماله إلى جنوبه لنصرة مصر العروبة وهي تقاوم العدوان الثلاثي الغاشم عام 1965 ونحن في ربيع الشباب وعنفوانه؟ وكيف هزتنا من الأعماق بطولات وتضحيات أبناء مصر الكنانة في بور سعيد وفي السويس وألهب شعورنا القومي وزاد في وعينا وفهمنا لقضية امتنا وتطلعها إلى التحرير والتحرر والتوحد والتقدم والبناء حتى نشأ جيل الثورة والانبعاث في العراق وطلائعه الثورية لتقود النضال والكفاح في هذا القطر المجيد ضد الاستعمار والرجعية والتخلف وها هم اليوم يقودون اكبر وأوسع معركة مع أعداء الأمة والإنسانية الامبريالية الأمريكية والصهيونية العالمية والصفوية الفارسية حتى أقصمت ظهر الغزاة فولوا هاربين مدحورين وتركوا العراق لقمة ضنوا أنها ستكون سهلة وسائغة للصفوية الفارسية، وها هم اليوم يقفون بقوة وبشجاعة وبسالة في وجه التمدد ألصفوي في العراق والأمة ويحاصروه ويطاردوه.

The Iraqi people are great and valiant resistance inspired by the nation's history and heritage in Egypt and jihadist in Algeria and in Palestine and in Iraq and in nation-even all over the Arabic message was timeless and its leader Mustafa Arab Prophet and Messenger like us Supreme Mohammed bin Abdullah PBUH and his monks night day knights who drafted our approach and way of Jihad and struggle to build and progress and urbanization. We draw inspiration from him what animated hearts and enlightens our eyes there we decided to achieve the goals of the nation Editor, emancipation and in the consolidation and unity, and in future generations.

●هل come together in a tent and the resistance of the Iraqi people, the Arabs, Kurds, Christians and Muslims, Shiites and grant what failed to achieve after occupation forces?.

Ibrahim Mujahid: the Arab Baath Socialist Party as everyone knows from birth, according to the faith and Constitution and its principles was and still is and will remain forever a national party and a nationalist and revolutionary human, democratic and popular Socialist and progressive, embodied in his philosophy and organizational structure over the nation and the homeland in its Constitution to open membership to all the children of the nation in the homeland and in the diaspora and in its Constitution is both the residence ground Arabic and spoke the language of the nation and the Security Association and security principles on freedom and autism and evolution and urbanization which in its Unity, freedom and socialism, the United Democratic Party building, and these are good pure of seepage letter Arabic timeless eternal message of Islam which was comprehensive and profound revolution of the nation on underdevelopment and RIP and slavery, the nation's unity, achieved their freedom and the freedom of its people, and its evolution and civilization.

The Arabic nation one nation from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf with a renewed message and immortal father.

In Iraq, since the first day of the dawn of the party which was and still is to this day includes in its organizational structure and leadership and all the sons of Iraq regardless of religions, sects and nationalities there is no difference between them in the performance and tender in a combative jihadist party note that the abominable occupation people don't deal with these titles, titles and our party is dealing with taboo because the people as the Egyptian people one people since the dawn of history has fused these addresses and spectra in The national melting pot.

The great people of Iraq have achieved
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In the first dialog of the Mujahid leader Izzat Ibrahim of newspaper (the Republic) since Baghdad's invasion cairene
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