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 My history with the Chaldean community in Munich katholichen

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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Dr.Hannani Maya
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مُساهمةموضوع: My history with the Chaldean community in Munich katholichen    الأربعاء 26 مارس 2014, 23:53

My history with the Chaldean community in Munich katholichen began with former clergyman to Mr. Sabah Betue , who was a pastor for the parish of St. Peter the Apostle in Munich. He devastated the community in every sense of the word and disabled the law of the parish for seven years and collected according to his confession, a fortune in the amount of six million euros in the form of real estate in Germany , Syria, Australia , Iraq, Austria , America and other countries of . Then he got married and left the church after 26 years of service in the Church . He currently lives in San Diego, California , United States. It is said that he had bought three luxury villas.

As Nachfoge took over Dr. Sami Dinkha ( Abdul Ahad Al- Rayes ) office in Munich. As we were very happy and hoped that he would change the shameful situation in the Chaldean Catholic Church in Munich. Unfortunately, our hopes evaporated . The situation deteriorated more . The believers scattered and formed three churches , namely Protestant , Assyrian and Arabic - Latin Church .

At the beginning of his acceptance of responsibility , I visited Sami priest in the church office . I had a conversation with him. I told him that there is a law of the parish. This applies uniformly to all parishes except our parish . The law has been translated into Arabic. He replied that we would have to wait two years until the term of office of gegenwartigen Council came to an end. I pointed out to him that we need a new election be held in accordance with the above law. I have pointed out to him that the current Council did not came about through choice but through his will , has no legitimacy and is illegal. In addition , the number of Ratmitgliedern not the number of the fingers. They shall be designated by him . They obey him and are not in a position to say no .

I have been waiting for a new election takes place. The new election to be held on 02.26.2014 . After the Sunday Mass in January 2014 I have taken and completed two voting forms . The scenario against me , however, was started on the first day of the meeting of the candidates to the office of St. Peter Apostle Khorna to exclude me. The candidates , about 15 people ( three women and the rest men) gathered together with the priest . The priest took a book and began to read a quarter of an hour or less. When he finished his reading, I put my hand up and said after his permission : Dear Father Sami , this law is not an effective law of the municipal council in Germany . He said this was the law of the Municipal Council for the Oriental Churches . I told him that I can bring you a translated copy to the Arabic of the applicable law. Since I passed on my statement came his secretary Awakim '' '' and stood between me and the priest and brought the relevant law from 2013 , which has been übereicht along with election forms and other election documents from the Archdiocese of Munich . I have geasgt him , this law has not sent out to stand on the shelf , as it had done our previous Pfarrar Sabah, but to act on it . He told me to bring a copy of it , if they have them. After a few days, I handed him a copy of the law übesetzte . He refused to receive them. I told him , you and your secretary to delay everything because they did not want to activate the law. I have added , you do not see what does the Pope : Love and self-denial ? He told me that you like the pope , but a lot of people do not like him . I told him : You and your preferences do not like him . They have a latest Mercedes and he has an old car Renault 4 , which he has acquired from a Franciscan monks . He sold it at auction and donated the prize for the poor and needy. He told me I bought the car of my money . I told him we all are sons of the village and each knows his brother. He told me I had a large fortune in Iraq , you know what I had worked ? I told him we were all poor in Iraq. He said , I do as I want. I told him , you know what that means , if a responsible person who takes a post in accordance with the gelt ducks law, then what does ? This means dictatorship. I went and spoke to me on the stairs, that God only priests are thieves and corrupt gives us . This is what I said outside the council as I went down the stairs. Then he demanded of me and another candidate to present him with an acknowledgment of our Zug bondage to Katholiche church. I can create the confirmation of Kreisverwaltungsreferat . His secretary Awakim '' '' pointed out to me that the confirmation contains an error. I told him , please write it , what is the error . This was on 02/06/2014 . On 07/02/2014 the following I can correct the confirmation. On the same day I went to the parish office . Mr. Awakim '' '' has opened the door and told me , give me to enter the confirmation without office. When I tried to enter it , he prevented me by wegstieß me. He said to me , Go outside , or I'll call the police. When I tried to walk , he has me arrested along with his nephew . You have closed the door with the key and locked me up . At the same time he called the police. He began to ceased trading me through profanity and to mock my father. Although my father was a deacon. He was Archdeacon Karamles and Erbil. He served the church with great life long commitment. Then he told me that I 'm from a group of Saddam Hossein , who had found him in the hole. He told me that I am insane and must be treated by a psychiatrist . In addition, he scoffs at the honorary doctorate , which has been granted to me by the Supreme Council of the Palestinian mass median. He remained so until the police arrive . My confinement lasted a full hour . I 'm an old man ( 72 years old) and suffer from many diseases. I am also disabled (degree of disability 80). You gave me no drink of water. Finally the police came . One of the policemen asked me to leave the house . I left the house after I had told the police, I will make a criminal complaint against the three men who have imprisoned me illegally . One of the officers replied me, they may do so .

In addition, Mr. Sami has claimed that I had made chaos in the Chaldean Church on 02.02.2014 during Sunday Mass in the church . What contradicts reality. I have this day attended the service and get Communion ( Eucharist ) . He has filed a criminal complaint against me to the police and priest Alfons Friedrich ( Pfarreadminstrator Pfarrverband Haidhausen) falsely reported that imposed against me without hearing me banned in the grounds of the Catholic Church Foundation St. Wolfgangvom 06/02/2014 . Alledings I received the ban on 2/9/2014 . So Mr. Sami has performed together with his secretary his plan to the exclusion of the local council. This has given me '' '' Awakim expressed clearly . He told me that Pastor Sami would not think I was in the council. My answer was to the council not listening to Mr Sami

Later I read on the internet that there are meeting with the Apostolic Archbishop Mar Ramzi Karmo in the church. This meeting was open to the public . Likewise Deacon Samir Kakouz called me and determined the meeting. I went with a good will to the meeting . When I entered the meeting room, were members of the local council to me and asked me to leave the room , threatened me with the police in front of the bishop and the priest Sami and audience. I told them , I have come to meet the bishop. I have difficulties to enter the hall and gave my hand to the bishop and kissed his hand , which has received me with joy . The situation was not normal. Some friends have asked me zurüchzuziehen me to avoid problems. I have given the bishop a file on the sufferings of our community former pastor Sabah Beteu and subsequent Sami Dinkha . Then I left the room. At this point I must especially His Eminence Archbishop apologize about the unnetten words that I have expressed to all those present. Finally, I hope that the Archbishop Karmo forms an opinion about our difficulties in Munich and sent to the Patriarch Sacco .

Dr. H. C. Hanna Alshamas
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My history with the Chaldean community in Munich katholichen
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